UK Visa For Non-EEA Partner

UK Visa For Non-EEA Partner

Depending on your own immigration situation, you may be entitled to bring a partner or spouse to the UK to live with you. In this article, we look at the options for bringing a non-EEA partner to the UK and the differing rights for people depending on their situation.


A partner of a British citizen or settled migrant


You could use a “Spouse Visa” or a “Fiancé Visa” for this purpose. The Spouse Visa allows a spouse to travel to the UK to settle and live with their spouse who is already settled in the UK – either as a citizen or has “settled” status. The Fiancé Visa would allow an intended spouse to travel to the UK for up to 6 months so that they can get married in the UK and switch their visa to a Married Visa.


For both of these visas, there are eligibility criteria to meet which consist of the following;


  • They must have met


  • They both must be over the age of 18


  • They are intending to live together permanently


  • The sponsoring partner must earn over the minimum earning requirement and be able to support the family unit


  • They will need to meet the English language requirement


If all of these criteria are met, you will be eligible to apply for the appropriate visa.


Partner of someone on a visa


Most of the UK’s visa routes offer an option for partners to travel to the UK to live and work. The requirements for these are as follows in most cases;


  • Must be over the age of 18


  • Must be able to be supported by the visa bearer


  • Must have enough savings to support the partner and any other dependents


The process is reasonably straightforward and requires nothing more complicated than a standard visa application. In the case of a Tier 4 Student Visa holder, you will have to be careful as you cannot work full-time, in this instance it is going to be hard to satisfy the Home Office that you will be able to support a family in the UK without a full-time wage.


How to apply for one of these visas


If you want to apply for a Fiancé, Spousal or Dependent Visa then you will need to satisfy the eligibility requirements as laid out above. You will also likely need a large amount of documentary evidence to support the fact that you have a relationship, so be mindful of keeping as much paperwork as possible that can prove that you have lived together and/or are married.

How we can help


If you need any more help with bringing a partner to the UK or applying for an appropriate visa then please get in touch. Our immigration specialist can help with your case and offer advice and support that is tailored to your specific immigration circumstances.


So to talk to a fully qualified expert, call today and let us begin working on your case as soon as we can.