UK Permanent Residence for EEA Nationals

UK Permanent Residence for EEA Nationals

With the result of the referendum on the UK’s future in the European Union in 2016 causing an uncertain future for EEA Nationals, now may be the ideal time for them to settle their status in the UK.


In this article, we look at their options for EEA nationals to remain in the UK permanently after Brexit in 2019.


Will I automatically retain my right to stay in the UK?


Unfortunately, this is still the great unknown and the cause of much worry and strain for EEA nationals who currently reside in the UK under the current freedom of movement rights that they have. The negotiations are ongoing on this subject and it may be a good idea to settle your status now if you are eligible to and ensure that your rights are retained after 2019.


What is the eligibility criteria for an EEA National to remain permanently in the UK?


As long as you have lived and worked in the UK for the previous 5 years then you will retain the right to apply for a permanent residence card. You will also be eligible to apply if you are a family member or extended family member of an EEA National or a former family member with a retained right after the death or end of a relationship.


There are other options also and if you get in touch we can talk to you about some of the less obvious ways in which you may qualify to be able to apply.


The rules were changed in 2016 and were seemingly ahead of their time and potentially put in to place to mitigate the effects of a vote to leave the European Union. It seems now that the changes were very sensible and offered an option for EEA nationals who have set up home in the UK.


How do I make an application?


You will need to complete a form and send it to the Home Office. The fee is £65 per person and is payable at the time of application.


Will I be required to submit any proof of living in the UK?


Yes, you will need to prove that you were in the UK for the defined period. The Home Office application will inform you of the evidence that is required. It is likely that you will be required to submit quite significant amounts of information, so it is wise to keep hold as much paperwork as possible. If you are worried about the documentary evidence portion then please get in touch. Our specialists can ensure that you have everything you need in order to make a successful application.


How we can help


If you have any more queries related to your immigration status then please get in touch. Our immigration specialists can help in any situation – Don’t suffer in silence and worry, speak to our immigration lawyers and let them help and advise you.