Trump Calls Haiti and Africa Shithole countries

The United Nations Human Rights Office has stated that comments made by President Trump on immigrants coming to the US from Africa and Haiti as coming from “shithole countries” are racist. They have been joined by the wider media in coming down hard on the president.

Trump, who is no stranger to controversy has even exceeded his usual boundaries with the outlandish remark. The UN human rights spokesman, Rupert Colville, told a Geneva news briefing: “There is no other word one can use but racist. You cannot dismiss entire countries and continents as ‘shitholes’, whose entire populations, who are not white, are therefore not welcome.”

On Friday morning President Trump insisted that his language had been tough, but that some of the words reported had not been said. Though he now has a huge diplomatic problem on his hands once again. He was presenting a proposal to restore protections for immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti and certain African nations as part of a bipartisan immigration deal. When he inexplicably said “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?”

There is outrage across the globe at Trump’s latest remarks and leaders from across Africa have spoken out to claim that Trump is Racist. Though that will likely not concern the president too much. He has already caused international relations to be damaged in many other territories and he can now add the whole continent of Africa to that list.

Trump has become more openly brazen of late. His decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has caused international fury. He has also stoked up a potential nuclear war with North Korea, regularly taking to Twitter to taunt North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un. Only yesterday a group of former high level missile experts asked that Trump’s ability to fire the US’ nuclear deterrent to be removed from him.

Trump always threatened to be divisive; it was clear from even the earliest days of his now infamous rallies, that Trump was open to disturbing the peace. But rather than “drain the swamp” like he had promised, Trump has brought in a group of mindless sycophants to mindlessly carry out his demands in the true style of a dictator. He shows a brazen lack of respect for his office and there is little doubt that America’s future as a world leader is at stake purely because of a single presidency.

With this in mind, countries such as the UK will need to prepare for a potential influx of immigrants. People who would have looked at America as the place to go may now see that the country may not be welcoming to immigrants at all. It is a sad indictment of the US that this has happened and many will hope that Trump is not around for much longer.