Studying as a Tier 2 Dependent

Studying as a Tier 2 dependent

If you are on a Tier 2 dependent visa in the UK you may be wondering if you can study. In this article we examine the possibility of your studying in the UK under a Tier 2 dependent visa and if there are any considerations that you must undertake. We also take a view of the visa overall and how it is beneficial to you.

Am I allowed to study on a Tier 2 dependent visa?

Absolutely! In fact the paradox of a Tier 2 dependent visa is that the partner often gets significantly better benefits than the person with the Tier 2 visa. For instance, a Tier 2 dependent can work in any business, but the Tier 2 visa holder must stay with a sponsor company.

You will need to ensure that you meet the strict eligibility criteria, but if you do, the Tier 2 dependent visa is an excellent option and well worth pursuing.

Will I need to pay international student fees?

Potentially. The Home Office does not decide who is classed as an international student, that is down to the university themselves. You will need to speak to the university concerned to see their specific stance on your situation.

What about studying while I work?

Again no problem. The Tier 2 dependent visa is very beneficial and is the reason you have to jump so many hurdles to be eligible for it in the first place. But as long as you are eligible, the Tier 2 dependent visa is an excellent option.

One of the best reasons for having a Tier 2 dependent visa is the open nature of it and that it gives you pretty free rein. It is one of the more relaxed visas available and is excellent for a partner.

Where can I find out more information?

There are many fantastic resources in the education world and many universities themselves offer fantastic guidance on their own websites. It is worth finding the course that you want first and then speaking to the different universities that offer it. Many universities make a lot of money from international students and that is why they offer such good information to those that may attend their university.

You can also speak to us, we can help in any and all immigration situations and would love to speak to you about studying in the UK on a Tier 2 dependent visa.

How we can help

If you need more help and advice on studying or working in the UK then get in touch. Our specialist immigration lawyers have a wealth of experience in helping people just like you to live, study and work in the UK.

So for more information related to your specific needs, get in touch today and see what we can do to help you to succeed.


    13/09/2018 REPLY

    Hi. My stepson who is in the UK on a Tier 2 dependent Visa (I am the sponsor) wants to attend Uni and the University says he is Intl student. We have been in UK for past 3+ years and he has been studying at Reading College for past 3 years where he didn’t pay as they considered him a UK resident under his Visa.

    Any advice as I read it comes down to each Universities own rules around Visa’s?



      26/02/2019 REPLY

      Dear Kevin

      Thank you for submitting the enquiry on our website. In relation to the question, your stepson will be considered as a non-resident until he obtained his indefinite leave to remain.

      We hope this is helpful and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards,

      Fairmont Lawyers

    17/09/2018 REPLY

    Do I need to give IELTS for pursuing post graduate ??
    I have tier 2 dependent visa.

      26/02/2019 REPLY

      Dear Arpita

      Thank you for submitting enquiry on our website. In relation to your question, you do need to provide IELTS if you are on a Tier 2 dependent Visa and if you want to study at the University. We hope this is helpful, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards,

      Fairmont Lawyers

    10/11/2018 REPLY

    Hi thanks it was really good information.i am MSC chemistry Bed I want to do PhD in chemistry can you guide me on the university where I can benefit I am on dependent tier 2 visa

      26/02/2019 REPLY

      Dear Summandeep,

      Thank you for your comment on our website. We understand you are looking for a place to study in the UK. Let us know please if we can introduce you to a contact who may assist with finding or recommending a place for you.

      Kind regards,

      Fairmont Lawyers

    24/02/2019 REPLY

    I need to study with tier 2 dependent visa

      26/02/2019 REPLY

      Hi Revathi

      You can study when you are on a Tier 2 Dependant visa. Let us know if you have any questions or we may assist you with the process.

      Kind regards,

      Fairmont Lawyers

    12/03/2019 REPLY


    I am currently practicing acupuncture in India with a 3 year degree. We are moving to Convent next month. Can I practice in Bristol? If no, could I study any course which gets me a CPD and then would be eligible for getting work.
    I am also a healer, will I be allowed to practice healing. My visa would be a tier 2 dependent.

    Thank you,

      16/03/2019 REPLY

      Dear Beena

      You are allowed to work with no restrictions as a Dependant however you might need to either obtain permission or recognised by the NHS qualification to practice medicine. For more information I would suggest to look into the NHS website or any other information that may assist you. We unfortunately do not advise on this aspect.

      Kind regards,

      Rem Kamarian

      Fairmont Lawyers

    12/03/2019 REPLY

    I have tier 2 ICT visa and I am working for some reputated company. Will I be able to study Ms course while working?.if yes , do I need to write any kind of exam or what .

      16/03/2019 REPLY

      Hi Shaful

      Thank you for your email. You can study as long as it does not interfere with the job you are sponsored for. You do not need a separate permission for this. I hope this is helpful.

      Kind regards,

      Rem Kamarian

    17/03/2019 REPLY

    I am in UK with Tier2 ICT visa for the last 4 years. My son who is an ICT dependent has got admission in University and would like to convert his visa to Tier 4 student visa. Can he apply for the conversion within UK? Thanks.

    19/03/2019 REPLY

    I have a Tier 2 ICT Visa valid till April 2020 and I am working for Tata Consultancy Services. My husband came via Tier 2 ICT dependent visa which is also valid till April 2020 and has found a job in Cognizant.

    My project got pre-closed and I am asked to leave UK by April 2019. Can my husband continue in his current job till April 2020 or should he leave along with me since he is in a dependent visa.

    Any help would be highly appreciated!


    15/04/2019 REPLY

    My daughter has done her GCSES and will also do her Alevels from UK. She is on tier 2 dependent visa as my husband is here on 5year visa and we have completed 3 year’s here. If she apply for universities will she be considered foreign student or regular student. As her GCSES and A levels being done in UK. Thanks

    08/05/2019 REPLY


    My husband has got a job in the UK and he will be on Tier 2 Visa. Can i do a full time Ms course on a Tier 2 Dependent Visa or will i need to get a Tier 4 visa to study full time?

    Thank you.

    09/05/2019 REPLY

    Hi. I am on a Tier 2 ICT visa. Will I be able to join any past time courses in any colleges around Norwich? Please advise.

    10/05/2019 REPLY

    I have a Tier 2 work Visa. If I bring my 17 year old daughter to UK on a tier 2 dependent Visa , can I enrol her in a University as a full time B.Sc student ? Or does she have to convert to student Visa (TIER 4).

    29/05/2019 REPLY

    I have tier 2 dependent planning to study. My husbands tier 2 visa expires on feb 2020, but my course gets completed on sep 2020 . Will I be allowed to complete the course or should I apply for a different visa.

    05/06/2019 REPLY

    Hello, I have found the information you provide very helpful.
    I am being offered a Job in the UK under a Tier 2 General visa, however, my partner and I have two little children aged 7 and 2, as she is a Latvian national both our kids have EU passports while I am not an EU citizen.
    My question is if our children would have access to the public school system while I work over there (e.g. nursery, primary school).

    19/06/2019 REPLY

    Hello. My question is whether I can work as a postdoctoral researcher under tier 2 dependent visa. If I cannot, does that mean I have to apply for tier 2 work visa in my home country where I will have to pass the resident labour market test? Thank you very much.

    25/06/2019 REPLY

    I am currently in uk on Tier 2 dependant visa. my husband has tier 2 and my husband have visa til feb 2021. after 5 yrs he has cooling period but we want to stay in uk and apply for ILR. Can i take up a post graduate course and get a student visa make him my dependant and complete 6yrs to apply for ILR? Please suggest.

    02/07/2019 REPLY

    Can I get an international scholarship for Msc on a tier 2 dependant visa? Will it not be used against me as a public fund when I want to apply for my ILR?

    06/07/2019 REPLY

    Does the dependent of a person on student visa need to be able to speak/read/write English to accompany their spouse?

    07/07/2019 REPLY

    Hi, Is tier 2 dependent visa holder can apply for schlorship for higher studies from their country of origin?

    25/07/2019 REPLY

    I’m here on Tier 2 ICT dependent visa. I would like to pursue PHD studentship in nanotechnology here in UK.
    Am I allowed to enrolled myself in phd programme in uni?

    Do I need to change my visa from TIER 2 ICT Dependent to TIER 4?


    01/08/2019 REPLY

    If I am currently in the UK and I applying for change of sponsor under Tier 2 visa and my passport expires in 3 months, is there any condition that my passport should have a 6 months validity or so? Also is my dependent required to reapply or he can continue with the existing visa as it is valid till 2021

    07/08/2019 REPLY

    Hello. My husband has Tier 2 dependant visa under my name. Is it possible for him to pursue his studies in the UK even if he’s 26 y/o? Is he also eligible for government’s financial grants or student loan? Thanks!

    18/08/2019 REPLY

    My wife is due to start her PhD from January 2019. She is receving full tuition fee waiver but wont receive any living costs. I am currently in the UK on tier 2 visa. Can she do the PhD as a tier 2 dependant of mine or does she need a tier 4 visa for this?

    26/08/2019 REPLY

    Hi I am on tier 2 dependant visa. If I want to purse post graduation here in London, do I need to take some exam prior .. I am interested in pursuing MS – is there any exam that I need to appear please help. Thanks

    03/09/2019 REPLY

    Hi, I came to UK on Tier -4 in 2017, have this year been given Tier-2 Visa. My son has also been given Tier-2 dependent visa. He has applied to Uni for BEng courses . Bu,t he is being considered as international fees student. Please suggest if any way we can get UK student fees (almost double of UK fees) or when does he become eligible for UK student fees.

    04/09/2019 REPLY

    I’ve recently heard that my son, Tier 2 visa dependent, may be able to attend university under a settled status and not as an international student, because he has been attending school in the UK for over 7 years. Can dependents be granted ILR or settled status independent of the primary visa holder’s status based on schooling and intent to continue in the UK system? We were 5 years on a Tier 2 ICT visa and now on a Tier 2 General.
    Thank you for your help.

    11/09/2019 REPLY

    Hi, I will be in UK soon on ICT Tier 2 Dependant Visa. Am I eligible to study any full time PG courses? If yes, what is the eligibility criteria? Do I need to write any kind of exam or what ? what if, my partner has to leave UK after his job is done and my course is yet to complete? Please help.

    13/09/2019 REPLY

    My son will start university at 3 years of my tier 2 dependent category, can he get student loan

    22/09/2019 REPLY

    Hi I am moving to uk with Tier2 visa. I just want to know my son who will be coming with me with Tier2 dependent visa..when he will be going to University can he apply for student loan?

    25/09/2019 REPLY

    I am searching for part time courses for my husband who is a mba holder .could you please suggest me best courses for him?

    29/09/2019 REPLY

    Hi Team..I am working as Tier 2 ICT visa, if my wife came as student visa (Tier4Visa) then shall i change my Visa type from ICT to Dependent?

    Do i need server any cool of period?


    05/10/2019 REPLY

    I am in ICt tier 2 dependent, want to enrol for UK University by converting my Visa to Tier 4. Can u help me in that

    15/10/2019 REPLY

    I have done PG in healthcare management from India. I want to pursue course at NHS graduate Management scheme.
    I am on tier 2 dependent visa in UK. Am I eligible for it or not.
    They have specifically mentioned no for tier 4 dependents but no information about tier2 dependents.Please guide me for same.
    Thank you

    31/10/2019 REPLY

    I am on Tier-2 Dependent visa and want to go for studies. Will my visa will be converted to Tier-2 Student visa? What are the criteria for the same?

    05/11/2019 REPLY

    Hi ,
    I am on tire 2 ICT dependent visa , can O switch to tire 4 visa from UK itself or I have to comeback to home country?

    08/11/2019 REPLY

    I have been in UK for more than 3 years on Tier 2 ICT Dependent visa. I’ve been a housewife and not worked or studied in UK during this time. No i am applying for a post grad course in Edinburgh. After admission is there a timeframe that i need to know for moving to Tier 4 visa? i understand my application for Tier 4 visa has to be done from Home country. Can my husband switch visa to Tier 4 Dependent from UK itself?

    10/11/2019 REPLY

    Hi i have tier2 dependant visa.I have bachelors degree and I want t to do any short duration course. Is there any course which is free of cost for me in uk

    20/11/2019 REPLY

    Your website has give me almost every detail i was looking for,still i have few more queries to be answered.
    I have a Tier-2 ict dependent visa and if i study there ,
    after my course completion will i be able to convert my tier2-ict visa to general visa .
    Also when i pursue a degree will i be eligible to convert my tier2-ict visa to student visa.
    or will the government allow me to get a work permit visa after my course completion .

    Thank you in advance.

    04/12/2019 REPLY

    Hi Admin,
    I’m in tier 2 ICT dependant visa, my hubby works for a company under sponsorship. Now his Visa is going to expire by August 2020. At this point can I join any college, and if I do will my visa type gets changed to student visa. Please confirm on the same.


    14/12/2019 REPLY

    I am on ICT Tier 2 Visa and my dependent daugther had studied GCSE here and will be completing her A levels in 2020, will she be eligible as home student to apply for UNI as long as my tier2 ICT visa is valid in UK?

    15/01/2020 REPLY

    I am on Tier 2 General dependent Visa in the UK and want to pursue master’s in London. Can i be eligible for student loans from the gov?

    19/01/2020 REPLY

    Hi admin
    I am working on tier 2 visa in UK and will bring my daughter as dependent next summer.
    She needs to start a university foundation year next September.
    On the home office website they say tier 2 dependent can attend uni only if above 18 years old ! they don’t mention if foundation year is also restricted under 18 or not. My daughter will be 17+ next September, is she allowed ?

    25/01/2020 REPLY

    I have been working in UK for last 2 years on ICT Tier2 visa. I’m married and my wife is also with me. I have 2 questions.
    1. Am I eligible to enroll for any 1year course and study at home or to go college during weekend. This may help me in adding points for upcoming point based system that UK is bringing by end of 2020

    2. If my ICT Tier2 visa gets over, can I join my wife here and convert my visa to dependent without serving any cool off period straight away?

    Thank you