Standard Visitor Visa Extension

Standard Visitor Visa Extension

The new Standard Visitor Visa has replaced several other visas and is now the sole visa for a short-term visit to the UK (6 months or fewer). The visa gives up to 6 months for visitors to come to the UK in order to visit the country. But what if you want to stay longer than you originally planned? In this article, we look at the options for extending a Standard Visitor Visa in more detail.


What are the extension options for a Standard Visitor Visa?


Well, right away there are two significant exemptions that may well apply to you – the private medical exemption allows you to remain for up to 11 months and costs £179. There is also the academic sabbatical option which allows you and a partner to stay in the UK for up to 12 months and is also £179. If not then consider the alternative below.


The other option is also extending a shorter term visa further i.e. You originally came on a 3-month visa but now wish to stay a further month – as long as you do not exceed 6 months in total then you will be able to apply to extend the Standard Visitor Visa.


How much will I need to pay to extend my Standard Visitor Visa?


There are two options for applying for to extend a Standard Visitor Visa – by post or in person.


If you wish to apply by post then you will need to pay £993


If you wish to apply in person then you will need to pay £1583


Please take application time into account and work accordingly.


How long will the decision take?


In line with many other UK immigration applications, there is a standard wait time of 8 weeks. You can use the premium application service and you will generally get the decision the same day.


These times are of course subject to the Home Office not needing any further information or your application being complicated in nature as these will extend the time considerably.


Can I stay in the UK while I await the decision?


Yes, you can wait until the decision is made as long as you applied before your existing visa ended. If you apply late then you have overstayed and put yourself in potential danger of removal.


The ability to wait is a big plus for those on a Standard Visitor Visa who wish to extend their stay past their original visa term. But be mindful to not overstay as it may affect your ability to return in the future.


How we can help


If you would like to know more about the Standard Visitor Visa or indeed any other visa then please get in touch. Our immigration specialists can help with any and all queries – so for more information or advice please call us and we can help.