Sham Marriages

You may have heard the term “sham marriage”, but what is it exactly? The term means a marriage where the couple are marrying purely for immigration reasons and are both aware that that is the reason. Over the years sham marriages have regularly made the news in the UK due to their prevalence. The opportunity to gain a Spouse Visa in the UK is a rather large incentive; known as quite probably the most generous visa in the UK, the Spouse Visa gives spouses or civil partners of either British citizens or those with “settled” status 2.5 years to live in the country (can be extended) and even eventually the possibility of gaining Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). When coupled with the fact that you can work freely in the UK, it’s easy to see why so many try to defraud the system.


The UK Bisas and Immigration (UKVI) targets sham marriages all over the UK. Using a wide and sophisticated network, they can gain access to lots of information that can help them to spot sham marriages wherever they take place. In recent years UKVI has become ever more successful at detecting these marriages, but still has plenty of work to do to keep up with the fraudsters.

Unfortunately, due to the increasing pressure on UKVI to deliver results, there will always be genuine couples who are caught up in the crackdowns. For people caught up in a crackdown, we can step and help them to ensure that they are treated fairly and given the fair opportunity to present the case before the judge. No matter the situation we can help. If you need our help then please get in touch. The sooner you ring, the more we can help.


The punishment for sham marriages is usually imprisonment and/or deportation. For many people this is a devastating result and can often be avoided if you get legal advice quickly.  Often families can be split across continents due to the punishments around sham marriages, so it is vital that you ensure that you keep within the law. If you have been mistakenly caught up in a sham marriage arrest, please get in touch and we can help.


Of course if you have been caught up in a sham marriage case then you will be worrying about your future. You have the right to appeal to the first-tier tribunal and we can help to build your case. After defending numerous people facing the same situation you are, we have vast experience in making successful appeals for our clients. So don’t face punishment alone, get in touch today with our experienced immigration specialists who can help to build your case and vastly improve your chances of remaining in the UK.

Can You Help Me?

Absolutely! We’ve helped all manner of clients over the years to appeal their cases. We have also had numerous success stories and have managed to help people remain with their families in the UK. So for more information and advice, please get in touch and our team will be happy to help.