Ireland Visa Requirements

Ireland Visa Requirements

Do I need a separate visa to travel to Ireland?Many people who are in the UK on a visa may be wondering about their rights to travel on that visa. In this article, we look specifically at visiting the Republic of Ireland. As one of the closest countries to the UK, Ireland has a special relationship with the UK and as such has a different way of dealing with immigration from the UK. In this article, we try to unpack the rights of those on a visa who want to travel to the Republic of Ireland to visit for a holiday.


So, do I need a separate visa to visit the Republic of Ireland?


Yes. Unfortunately for those on a UK visa, their country of origin is what matters, not having a UK visa. A UK visa is for the UK only and travelling to another country means that you will need to use your original passport and be treated as if you were travelling from your country of origin.


But as you can see further down the page, there are options for those on a visa to the UK to travel around Europe.


Are there any exceptions to this rule?


Yes, for Chinese and Indian citizens there are separate options for travelling to the Republic of Ireland and you should consider using these if you are eligible. For more information, you will need to check with You will see that this mainly applies to short stays and it may be better to consider the option in the section below.


I’m not Chinese or Indian, what does this mean that I need to do?


Do not fret, there is another option if you are not eligible. The EU has an area known as the Schengen zone (which the UK is not part of) you can gain a separate visa to travel to other European countries (including the Republic of Ireland). The cost will depend on the length of stay and you will need to ensure that you have enough time left on your Biometric Residence Permit for the length of stay that you plan to take in the Schengen zone.


You may need to take advantage of this while the UK is still a member of the European Union, as once the UK leaves the union in 2019, it is unknown what the future will be for this visa.It is likely that it will remain in some form, but there are no details as yet and you should not base future plans on its availability long-term.


Where can I seek out more advice?


Give us a call today and let us talk you through your options. As immigration specialists, we have the knowledge to deal with any immigration query and would love to help you. So give us a call today and let us help to deal with your immigration query.