Getting Married and Living Together in the UK

Getting Married and Living together in The UK

If you are planning to make the UK your home, you and your partner may be thinking of getting married and settling there. In this article, we will investigate the options for those who are looking to get married in the UK and look at the visa routes that are applicable to get married in the UK.


Fiance visa


The fiance visa was designed so that intended spouses could move to the UK with the intention of getting married within a six month period. While you’re on a spousal visa you will not be able to work, but once you have got married within the six month period you will be able to convert your visa to a marriage visa and then be able to work.


Dependent visa


You can also travel to the UK as a dependent of a current visa holder. All of the routes allow dependents to travel to the UK in order to live and work, but you must apply for a visa for the person who is travelling to the UK, this includes spouses, partners and children. You will need to prove that you have made provisions to look after them once they’re in the UK, this will include appropriate property to live in and the ability to pay for them with minimum earnings requirements. Once here you would be eligible to get married.


What are the eligibility requirements for the fiance visa or the dependent visa


As per most of the UK visa routes, these two specific routes require that provisions are made for dependents to be able to live in the UK. It also requires that they are over the age of 18 if applying as an adult dependent or fiance. They will also need to satisfy the requirements for English language, there are several ways in which this can be achieved and depending on your education history and country of origin you may well automatically qualify for the English language requirement. If you do not automatically qualify for the English language requirement then you may need to take and pass a course that gives you the appropriate level.

Will you be able to qualify for indefinite leave to remain


Yes, in almost all cases you will be eligible for indefinite leave to remain after spending 5 years inside the UK, you will need to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain and fit the eligibility criteria. You also need to ensure that you have stayed in the UK for a high proportion of this time, as extended stays outside of the country may be used against you in your application.


How we can help


If you are investigating coming to the UK as either a fiance, spouse or a dependent then please get in touch. As immigration specialists, we can help with your application and also help with your proof of relationship and any other issues that may arise.


So for more information or to start using our services please get in touch.