Fiancé visa requirements to Move to the UK

Fiancé visa requirements to Move to the UK


If you are a British citizen or have permanent residence in the UK, you may be wanting to bring your fiance from a non-EEA country to the UK. In this article we look at the process for bringing a fiance to the UK and the considerations that you will need to make to make a successful visa application for your fiance.


What is the eligibility criteria for a Fiancé Visa?


  • Have to intend to get married within six months of your fiance arriving in the UK.


  • Must have met each other


  • Must intend to live together


  • The applicant must be able to support themselves without any assistance from the state.


  • There must be adequate accomodation for you both to live in


If you are granted the visa you will be given 6 months to get married. After you have got married you can then apply for a marriage visa. The Marriage Visa offers a stay of up to 60 months (needs to be renewed at 33 months) after which your spouse will be entitled to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).


Does my Fiancé and I need to have lived together previously?


No, this is one of the benefits of this visa. Though you will have to have met. This is important to try and prevent fraud. The terms of a Marriage Visa are very generous and as such has historically been coveted. These days there is much more focus on these visas and you will be required to submit significant proof to support your application.


Do I need to own a house?


The guidance appears to be quite vague, but you will not need to be a homeowner to apply for a Fiance Visa. Adequate accommodation will require that there the property is suitable for you to live in as a couple. If you are concerned about this then please give us a call and we can discuss it with you further.


Can my fiancé work?


While they are on a fiancé visa, your fiancé is not allowed to work. Once your partner has a Marriage Visa they will be allowed to work in the UK. You will be required to prove that you can support your partner during this period.

Can I not just become a British citizen if I marry one?


Unfortunately not. The Marriage Visa does offer quite a few privileges, but is a long way short of citizenship. You will be able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain if you have been in the UK for five years and the Marriage Visa allows you to remain for that length of time.


Where can I go for more information?


If you want to discuss the Fiancé Visa or any other immigration query then please get in touch. Our immigration specialists are well versed in immigration law and will be able to assist you with your individual circumstances.