Cohabitation Agreement and Immigration

Cohabitation Agreement and Immigration

If you are looking to move to the UK on a Spouse or Proposed Spouse Visa you may be wondering if you are eligible to use the Cohabitation Agreement to qualify. In this article, we look at the Cohabitation Agreement and its effect on immigration and possible alternative solutions for interested parties.


What is a Cohabitation Agreement?


A Cohabitation Agreement is a legal contract that stops short of a Civil Partnership or Marriage. It is a contract that specifies many of the legal obligations that would normally be covered by either a marriage or civil partnership. It tends to cover the legal ramifications of a relationship breakdown and how finances with will be managed during the relationship.


Does a Cohabitation Agreement have legal standing?


Absolutely, if carried out correctly then a Cohabitation Agreement is enforced as any other legal contract and it is vital that both parties treat it with the status that it has.


A local solicitor should be able to help draw up a Cohabitation Agreement that is suitable under the applicable laws and if you need any more help then please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau who can put you in touch with a lawyer who specialises in Cohabitation Agreements.

Is a Cohabitation Agreement applicable to immigration law?


No, unfortunately, the Cohabitation Agreement cannot be used as a proxy for a Spousal Visa. It may be useful in certain circumstances and if you wish to discuss them further then please get in touch. We would need to look at your case specifically and it is hard to give a catch-all answer without knowing the specific details of the case.

What are the alternatives to a Cohabitation Agreement?


In general, the only alternatives from an immigration standpoint would be either marriage or a civil partnership. You could use a Proposed Spouse Visa to come to the UK, but this is with a view to getting married within a short period of entering the country.


Outside of these options then it is going to be difficult to stay in the UK via the family route and would need to be eligible for a visa in your own right.


What are the benefits of a Spouse Visa?


A Spousal Visa offers the option of a 2 and half year visa which is extendable. You can also work on a Spousal Visa which is a huge bonus. Not many visas offer the flexible benefits of the Spousal Visa and it is an ever-popular visa route for those entering the UK.

Where can I go for more help?


If you are looking for more help with an immigration query then please get in touch. Our immigration specialists are experienced and knowledgeable and can help with your specific case. So for more information or advice please give us a call and we can help you further.