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Becoming British by Descent

Becoming British by Descent

A common way of becoming British is by becoming British by descent. This is a special status for a child that has been born abroad (or in the UK under certain circumstances) but has special legal circumstances that allow them to become a British citizen. For those who are eligible, it is an exceptionally useful route to gaining British citizenship and is well worth investigating if you are looking to move to the UK and have a potential link to the country already. In this article, we will investigate the options for becoming a British citizen by descent and trying to figure out whether you yourself may be eligible.


What is the eligibility criteria for becoming British by descent?


There are several ways that you can become British by descent and these fall into the following categories:


  • You have another form of British nationality


  • You were born before the 1st of January 1983 to a British mother


  • You were born to a British father even if he was not married to your mother


  • You were born in the UK on or after 1st of January 1983


  • You’re under 18 and you don’t fit into any other categories


  • You have a connection with Gibraltar or Hong Kong


  • You are stateless


In general, these are quite specific circumstances and you would likely already be aware of your ability to apply for British citizenship. If you are unsure as to whether you qualify under any of these criteria then please get in touch and our immigration specialists can help to figure out whether indeed you do have any eligibility under these criteria.


How do I apply to become British by descent?


You would need to send an application to UK Visas and Immigration in Liverpool if you already based in the UK. If you are not already based in the UK then you will need to find out from UK Visas and Immigration as to where you should send your application. You will be required to send proof of your eligibility and the application fee and you will then be contacted if there’s any further documentation required in the application pack. UKVI will also inform you of how long you should expect to wait.


How much is the fee for applying to become British by descent?


The fee for an adult is £1,163 and each child is also £973 and this fee is payable at the time of the application being made this is in line with most UK visas and ideally as long as your documents are in order your application should be progressed smoothly.


Where can I get more help?


If you need help with becoming a British citizen by descent then please get in touch and our immigration specialists can help to analyze your situation to see whether you are indeed eligible to apply and can also help with getting your documents together in order to apply.